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“Stronger” Exhibition + Grand Opening at Aplomb Gallery

Portraits of Resilience, “Stronger” Art Exhibition at Aplomb, a New Contemporary Gallery coming to Dover, NH

Saturday, Mar, 5th, 2022
6:00 - 9:00 PM

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Event description

Portraits of Resilience, “Stronger” Art Exhibition at Aplomb, a New Contemporary Gallery coming to Dover, NH

Advanced registration required: Group exhibition opening at Aplomb Gallery in Dover, NH

Founder of Aplomb Gallery and Contemporary artist, Danielle Festa has curated an exhibition including a dozen portrait artists from New England and beyond that evoke inspiration through portraiture. Artists employing different mediums use their work to share personal experiences and interpretations of emotions that arise when confronted with difficult times. The opening coincides with the grand opening of Aplomb Gallery at a new development on Mechanic Street in Dover, NH. The reception will be from 6-9PM. Pre-registration and masks are required. Exhibition will be on display through March 5 by appointment. Visit aplombgallery.com for more information.

Exhibiting Artists

Chris D’Amore, Danielle Festa, Tarja Harney, Bruce Jones, Phoenix Mayet, Eliza Moser, Erica Nazzaro, Melissa Scheid Frantz, Vanessa Simms, Lydia Spencer, Katie West, Andrija Zeković and Mark Zimmerman

About Aplomb Gallery:

Opening in 2022, contemporary realist and former Dover Art Walk Director is opening a brand new gallery and studio space in Downtown Dover. The gallery highlights the power of a modern portraiture. Along with bringing in outside artists for exhibitions like “Stronger”, Festa’s mission is to produce commissioned and gifted portraits for those who are ready to celebrate strength in the face of adversity.

Figurative paintings of the Renaissance period were reserved for the rich and powerful, with carefully selected attire to highlight their prominent placement in society. Aplomb gallery is highlighting a different type of power, that which lies in individuals who have overcome challenges, painted in outfits that showcase their strength.

If you or someone you know has been through a medical crisis, a traumatic experience or loss and are ready to celebrate new found strength, a contemporary oil painting is a permanent way to mark this courageous moment. Applications are being accepted for direct commissions, crowdfunded paintings or applications for gifted portraits supported by local sponsors and individual monthly patrons. Learn how to support the project, apply as a subject or nominate someone at aplombgallery.com. Thank you to The Closet Connection, Edward Leary Photography, Bamford Investment Company, LLC and other initial individual sponsors.

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