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Laughter For A Cure

A fundraiser utilizing, Comedy, Music and Raffle prizes to raise money for Zebra Crossings in Dover, they help children ...

Saturday, May, 21st, 2022
2:30 - 6:30 PM

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Event description

A fundraiser utilizing, Comedy, Music and Raffle prizes to raise money for Zebra Crossings in Dover, they help children and their families!

Sponsors as of 4/6/2021: Meredith Village Savings Bank, Frank FM & TSN

Raffle Tickets = $5 a ticket at the event

VIP Seating (limited first floor seating, Contact Event Organizer for preferred seating in rows 1 through 3) = $30 + Raffle Ticket

General Admission (first come first serve second level seating) = $20

Individual Bar Seating (limited seating) = $20

Can’t Do- Out of town for the event but still want to donate = $20

Doors Open at 2:30p

Music: Stops at 4pm

Comedy Line up as of 4/6/2021::: Comedy Starts at 4pm with 1 intermission

Headliner: Paul Nardizzi: Nardizzi is the winner of the 2001 Boston Comedy Festival, and HBO’s U.S. Comedy and Arts Festival in 1997. He has appeared on the television programs Evening at the Improv and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Nardizzi has authored the books 602 Reasons To Be Pissed Off and The Sarcastic Sports Trivia Book (Volumes 1 and 2). He is also the co-author (along with Dave Barend) of the books Things That Might Annoy a Yankee Fan and Things That Might Annoy a Jets Fan.

Boston Openers: Matt McArthur(Boston), Cher Lynn (Boston), Cari Keniston(ME), Bob Giannini, Bill Douglas(Concord,NH).

Condensed Caras Menu: expect finger foods.

Businesses who have donated Gift Cards will be updated on Laughter For A Cures’ FB page as well as on this Eventbrite page!

Gift Cards, Certificates for Raffle Prizes as of 4/19/2021

1)White Birch Amory in Dover,

2) Caras Irish Pub in Dover,

3) Eastmans Docks in Seabrook,

4) Nippo Lake in Barrington,

5) Gravy in Somersworth

6) Nostos MMA Gym in Somersworth

7) Xtreme Craze, Ultimate Interactive Fun Center

8) Thirsty Moose

9) Fat Dog Kitchen

10) More to Come!

As an import from San Diego, I am happy to announce that I am continuing this amazing event I started on the West Coast here in New Hampshire. After losing a cousin to lymphoma at the age of 17, the cause closest to my heart is raising money for children’s cancer organizations and really any organization dedicated to helping children! Laughter For a Cure as a whole is not limited to benefitting a single organization but rather takes on a multitude of causes favored by its participants and organizers. Future fundraiser causes include but are not limited to Cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS and, fortunately, unfortunately, so many other causes. There is enough laughter to raise money for all!

Passing away before she truly got to experience life, Sonya Urzua is my inspiration for producing these events. Her tenacity and strong will lives on through those fighting the good fight and to those comedians who don’t give up after having a bad set.

As a Real Estate Agent, I have committed to donating 10% of my closes from leads originating from specific events to the yearly organization chosen. Receive up to 1 free raffle ticket in exchange for contact information of a friend, or family member who is thinking about buying or selling a home in the next year. That $5 raffle ticket could potentially produce $250+ being raised for Zebra Crossings! Zebra Crossings is an organization that supports children with chronic health conditions and their families in a safe and inclusive peer environment!


Historically, we have raised thousands of dollars for different organizations such as ‘Make A Wish’ & ‘Teddy Bear Foundation’ and I hope we can continue this trend 3,000 miles away from my Home City of San Diego.


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