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Bee’s Eye View

See the garden through the eyes of a bee

Sunday, Jun, 19th, 2022
11:00 - 12:30 PM

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See the garden through the eyes of a bee

Learn about the art and science behind beeswax, honey, pollination, ultraviolet bee vision, and so much more. Participants will learn about basic beekeeping and discover the connections between bees and their gardens or local parks. We will finish the class with a walk through the gardens, where we will experience the landscape through the lens of a bee. Field lens included with class fee.

Jenn Shea is an avid beekeeper, gardener and horsewoman. Her home, Propinquity Farm, is home to pollinators, horses, chickens, goats, 2 sweet coon hounds, and one spicy guinea hen. She is the keeper of 3 hives, 2 traditional and 1 teaching hive. Jenn loves to share her knowledge and curiosity with all.

Fee: $30 members, $40, non-members, admission included

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